First Name Last Namesort descending Position Research Interests
Laura Aguilar Esteva Research Assistant
Jose Alfaro Core Staff, Professor of Practice
  • Renewable Energy micro-grids and their impact on sustainable development of least industrialized
  • countries
  • Applications of Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy to increase community sustainability
  • System Dynamics of International Development
  • Applied Complex Systems Tools for policy planning and stakeholder involvement
  • Interdisciplinary, international, and engaged education for sustainable development
Stefania Almazan Casali Research Assistant

Stefania Almazán-Casali is an environmental social scientist. Her research focuses on understanding the interactions between human decision-making, power dynamics, and natural resource use. She follows a mixed-methods approach to provide insights on the key motivations and conditions guiding the distribution and governance of natural resources. Her approach combines surveys, behavioral experiments, and modelling tools such as agent-based models.

Stefania has international experience researching waste attitudes in Liberia, West Africa; water access in a small community  in the Peruvian Andes; and sustainable forest management in Eastern Europe. She is particularly interested in issues surrounding the collaborative management of water resources. Her upcoming research explores the effects of climate change perceptions on water allocation and investment decisions in a river-basin committee in South-East Brazil.

Maryam Arbabzadeh Research Fellow

Sustainable energy, Life cycle assessment, Climate change, Sustainable development, Environmental economics, Energy Storage, Linkages between energy and environment, Electric vehicles

Mayur Bandekar Research Assistant

Mayur's work focuses on examining food from meal-prep companies which use augmented, direct consumer models of food distribution and compares them to meals cooked directly from grocery stores to assess sustainability initiatives associated with these companies' supply chains. He also researches the social dynamics of wind energy to see if it is possible to predict contention accurately across prospective wind energy sites in Michigan.

Stephen (Simi) Barr Research Assistant

Life Cycle Analysis, Sustainable Energy Systems, Carbon Cycle

Dominic Bednar Research Assistant

Dominic’s research explores the institutional barriers of energy poverty recognition and response in the United States whilst considering the spatial, racial/ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic patterns of residential energy affordability, consumption, and efficiency. More narrowly, his doctoral research aims to provide clarity for structuring more effective policy interventions and to improve decision making for assisting energy-vulnerable households, those likely to fall into energy poverty and struggle/unable to pay their energy bills resulting in energy utility shut-offs and forgoing basic necessities. Dominic is developing a multidimensional energy vulnerability index to better understand factors that contribute to household energy poverty in the U.S. Additionally, Dominic’s research uses LCA and LCC methods to better understand the effect of household appliance replacements on overall energy affordability of low-income households.


Miller, W. A., Boudreaux, P., Pallin, S., Biswas, K., Gehl, T., Atchley, J., ... & Shah, A. (2016). A field study setup of four homes having non-ventilated and semi-conditioned sealed attics. Journal of Green Building, 11(3), 1-20.

Kevin (Zicheng) Bi Research Assistant

Life Cycle Assessment, Industrial Ecology, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles & Fleet Electrification

Lexi Brewer Research Assistant

Aquaponics, Urban Sustainability, Sustainable Development

Christine Brown Merit Fellow

Christine is interested in watershed management, drainage system optimization, real-time controls, and ecological response monitoring. Currently, her thesis research is focusing on developing ecologically-based flow targets for the Clinton River Watershed through using real-time sensing and hydrologic modeling. Outside of her professional life, Christine enjoys exploring new places, yoga, kayaking, and ramen noodles."

Jonathan Bulkley Co-Director, Emeritus

Development and application of both quantitative and qualitative means to help policy makers and decision makers attain improved planning, evaluation, and management of natural resources, especially water resources.  Specific research interests include multi-objective analysis and risk analysis application.      

Lexie Carr Office Assistant

Lexie is driven by a deep desire to seek nuanced understanding of complex issues and to create systemic change that reduces or prevents suffering in the world. She is pursuing a dual MBA/MS degree in sustainable business through the Erb Institute for Glocal Sustainable Enterprise, because she believes the best way to accomplish this aspiration is by leveraging the role of business to catalyze sustainability and social equity. Ultimately she plans to focus her career on transforming the way society uses natural resources and facilitating the transition to a closed-loop circular economy.

Sanaz Chamanara Research Assistant

Sustainable Supply Chain Governance, Environmental Justice, Global Value Chain, Life Cycle Approach, Environmental Governance

Kimin Cho Research Assistant

Environmental Justice, redistribution of wealth, private sector sustainability efforts, big data analysis.

Davied Cordero Research Assistant
Michael Craig Core Staff, Assistant Professor

Decarbonization of energy systems; power system optimization; markets, laws, and regulations governing energy systems; net-zero and negative emission systems; grid-scale energy storage; carbon capture and sequestration; climate change impacts on power systems

Jarett Diamond
Claire Dodinval Research Assistant

Claire's interests include renewable energy grid integration, energy systems planning, and the nexus of energy technology, economics, and policy. Her overarching interest is in mitigating climate change, and is currently researching alternative transportation fuel and technology for Amazon at the CSS.

Gwendolyn Evans Research Assistant

agricultural systems, environmental justice, land-cover/land-use change, remote sensing, spatial analysis, sustainable development

Grant Faber Research Assistant

Grant is interested in performing techno-economic assessments of carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies along with developing a more comprehensive framework for evaluating the costs of the various environmental impacts of these technologies. He is also interested in how complex systems modeling might be able to inform the deployment of carbon negative processes. Finally, he is intrigued by the ability of sustainable technologies, systems, and policies to reduce global catastrophic and existential risks.

Michelle Farhat Research Assistant, Office Assistant

Renewable energy, microgrids, and grid improvement in developing countries, especially through decentralized electricity generation.

Éamonn Fetherston Research Assistant

industrial ecology and renewable energy

Hannah Fetner Research Assistant

Food System Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment, Packaging Impacts and Alternatives

Bret Fickes Research Assistant
Sydney Forrester Research Assistant

Sustainable energy, climate change, energy/water nexus, energy justice, sustainable development

Craig Freeland Intern

Craig O. Freeland Jr is an undergraduate student at Denison University that will be completing his BA in Educational Studies and Environmental Studies this coming school year. He is a 2018 Doris Duke Conservation Scholar and will be working in the Urban Energy Justice Lab this summer. After completing his undergraduate work, Craig plans on going to graduate school in Chicagoland or the D.C. metropolitan area to work towards becoming a secondary educator.

Allie Frost Research Assistant

She is most interested in renewable energy and sustainable energy practices, and would like to develop skills in improving energy infrastructure on large and small scales as well as researching energy generation technology. She is also interested in designing renewable energy infrastructure for different locations, particularly solar and wind power systems and would like to study the inefficiencies of different types of systems and work to improve them.

Tomas Fuentes-Afflick
James (Jim) Gawron Research Assistant

Jim's research involves the development of an integrated model using life cycle assessment methods to provide insight into the energy and emissions performance of autonomous vehicles for a variety of deployment scenarios. His other research interests include fleet electrification, shared mobility, ​and renewable energy.​

Aldo Girard UROP Student

Energy Poverty Index

Benjamin Goldstein Research Fellow

sustainable food supply chains in cities; urban agriculture; beef hoofprint of cities

Dimitrios Gounaridis Research Fellow

GIS, remote sensing, spatial analysis, land use/cover change, scenario-based simulation.

Erica Green
Andrew Harrison Merit Fellow

Andrew is interested in the implementation process of renewable energy generation and storage technologies.

Jason Hawes Research Assistant

Urban resilience, sustainable food-energy-water infrastructure, socially-engaged design

Xiaoyi He Research Fellow

Life cycle assessment, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, individual travel patterns, GPS data, lightweighting materials, emission inventory

Brent Heard Research Assistant

Brent Heard's work focuses on anticipating the sustainability implications of emerging technologies, with his current research investigating the effects of expanded refrigerated supply chains on food system sustainability.

Martin Heller Core Staff, Research Specialist

Life Cycle Assessment of Food and Agricultural Systems; Food System Sustainability; Sustainable Diets; Integrating Nutrition and Environmental Impact

Heller, M. (2019) "Waste Not, Want Not: Reducing Food Loss and Waste in North America Through Life Cycle-Based Approaches." United Nations Environment Programme (Download full report here.)

Stephen Hilton Research Assistant

Nutrient recovery through urine separation, Life Cycle Assessment, Water Systems, Circular Economy

Stephen is working on assessing a new form of recycling: Pee-cycling. Instead of adding nutrient heavy urine to the wastewater treatment system and intensively treating the nitrogen and phosphorus as a waste, the project looks to create fertilizer with it instead. He is developing life cycle models to analyze the environmental trade-offs of this approach with the conventional wastewater treatment system.

Ping Hou Research Assistant

My research interests are in the general area of Life Cycle Assessment. Specifically, I'm interested in using existing life cycle inventory datasets to predict the unknown datasets through computational modeling. Instead of expensive, time-consuming site investigation or literature review, the computational approach takes advantage of the underlying similarity of various datasets to easily estimate the unknown data with reasonable accuracy.

Guangwen Hu Visiting Scholar
Nate Hua Research Assistant

Nate's research involves material flow analysis for the supply chain of major automotive materials. Other research interests he'd like to pursue include sustainable energy infrastructure and sustainable business practice integration, particularly in the tourism industry.

Helaine Hunscher Core Staff, Program Coordinator
Krutarth Jhaveri Research Assistant

Life Cycle Assessment, Renewable Energy, Water Treatment, Process Design

Krutarth's current research focuses on evaluating the environmental performance of advanced lightweight materials for automotive and aerospace applications. He has developed parametric life cycle models to analyze the impact of lightweighting on energy consumption and GHG emissions

Co-author of journal article:

Padmanabhan, M., Jhaveri, K., Sharma, R., Basu, P. K., Raj, S., Wong, J. and Li, J. (2016), Light-induced degradation and regeneration of multicrystalline silicon Al-BSF and PERC solar cells. Phys. Status Solidi RRL, 10: 874–881. doi:10.1002/pssr.201600173

He was named a Dow Sustainability Fellows in Winter 2018 and received $20,000 for his studies.

Gautham Karthikeya Intern

energy efficiency, energy policy, clean energy, sustainable businesses, energy finance and economics, supply chain sustainability, and life-cycle energy assessments

Akshat Kasliwal Research Assistant

Development and deployment of energy generation and storage technologies; Emergent systems sustainability assessment; Future of mobility; Circular economies; Corporate sustainability.

Nicholas Kemp Research Assistant

 My current research is centered around a life cycle perspective on autonomous vehicles. Other interests in sustainability research include food systems and biomimicry

Gregory Keoleian Core Staff, Director, Professor

1) the development and application of life cycle models and metrics to enhance the sustainability of products and technology, 2) pioneering new methods in life cycle design, life cycle optimization of product replacement, life cycle cost analysis and life cycle based sustainability assessments ranging from energy analysis and carbon footprints to social indicators, 3) systems including alternative vehicle technology, renewable energy systems such as photovoltaics and willow biomass electricity, buildings and infrastructure, information technology, food and agricultural systems, household appliances, and packaging alternatives.         

Michael Kinzler Research Assistant

My interests lie in how to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and how to adapt to a changing climate though sustainable practices.

Carissa Knox Research Assistant
Evan Leon Research Assistant

Mineral resources, metals recovery, technology recycling, E-waste

Geoffrey Lewis Core Staff, Research Specialist


  • Associate Professor (tenured), School of Planning, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo. Waterloo, ON Canada. 2014-2016.
  • Assistant Professor, School of Planning, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON Canada. 2008-2014.
  • Engineer, Westinghouse Electro-Optical Systems. Orlando, FL.
  • Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems Division. Bedford, MA.
  • Engineer, Kollsman Instrument Company. Merrimack, NH.


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  • Laverne, Robert J., and G. M. Lewis.  1996.  The Effect of vegetation on residential energy use in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Journal of Arboriculture 22(5): 234-243.
Zhengyu Li Research Assistant

GIS, data analysis, Smart City infrastructure

Leona Liu Research Assistant, Office Assistant

Leona is interested in renewable energy, electric vehicles, waste management and closed loop recycling.

Lixi Liu Research Assistant

Pursuing life cycle optimization research in product design and replacement of new technologies and sustainable
energy systems

Jianella Macalino Research Assistant

International Sustainable Development, Global Effects of Climate Change, Urban Planning and Policy

Julia Magee Research Assistant

Renewable energy technology design and grid integration, implementation and design of renewable microgrids in developing countries, sustainable development, energy systems planning

Thomas Makled Research Assistant
Lauren Meyer Research Assistant
Shelie Miller Core Staff, Associate Professor

Dr. Miller’s research interests center around the life cycle impacts of emerging energy systems.  Recent work focuses on the non-carbon aspects of biofuels, such as disruptions to the nitrogen cycle and changes in land use.  Interests also include advancing Life Cycle Assessment methods to analyze dynamic and emerging systems, such as hydraulic fracturing in the US and electricity grids in developing countries.

Joshua Newell Core Staff, Associate Professor

Dr. Newell's research can be divided into two primary areas of interest. The first, Metabolisms of Urban Infrastructure and Form, focuses on structural features of the urban form (e.g. built environment, transport, energy, and water infrastructure) that due to their durability have long-term implications for resource consumption patterns and processes within and outside of urban areas. The second research area, "Ethical" Urban Consumption and Commodities, focuses on the interrelationships between the consumption of consumer products, our responsibilities as global ‘green’ urban citizens, and the role of governance mechanisms and frameworks (including local institutions) in regulating product consumption. His research approach is often multi-scalar and integrative and, in addition to theory and method found in geography and urban planning, he draws upon principles and tools of industrial ecology (e.g. footprinting and life-cycle analysis), and spatial analysis (e.g. land use/land cover change).

Jon Newman Research Assistant

Jon's research interests include clean energy and battery storage.

Scott Noesen External Advisory Board Member

Integrate sustainable thinking and processes into all phases of business and non-profit institution activities.         
Christian Noyce Research Assistant

Examining environmental justice implications of market driven environmental policy.  I am also interested in the equity, implementation, and access of electrification within public and private transportation.  In my spare time I enjoy watching Netflix, hiking, biking and cooking.

Nolan Orfield Core Staff, Lecturer, Research Associate

Dr. Orfield is interested in product design and the role that life cycle modeling can play in the creation of products that serve rather than deplete the planet. His background in both entrepreneurship and academic research position him to understand not only the complex interaction between goods and the natural world, but also the design constraints required for commercialization.

Kyle Pettibone Research Assistant

Kyle is interested in water systems and carbon capture technologies.

Gabriela Porras Research Assistant

Gaby's interests include sustainable water systems and water treatment.

Jon Pruitt Research Assistant
Shen Qu Research Fellow

Shen Qu is a Dow Sustainability Postdoctoral Fellow at SEAS of the University of Michigan. His current research focuses on how environmental risks may impact the global trade network. In particular, he combines tools of input-output analysis and network analysis to uncover the role of international trade in spreading and preventing environmental impacts.

Dwarak Ravikumar Research Fellow

Dwarak Ravikumar is a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Systems (CSS). He is currently investigating the environmental trade-offs for a circular economy for carbon emissions and evaluating if it is environmentally worthwhile to utilize the captured carbon to manufacture products in the chemical and construction sectors. Dwarak’s research interests include developing environmentally improved technologies to recycle photovoltaic systems, advancing life cycle assessment methods to evaluate emerging technologies, and improving the sustainability of renewable energy systems.

Tony Reames Core Staff, Assistant Professor

Tony G. Reames conducts research in the emerging field of energy justice, which investigates fair and equitable access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy technology. His research employs energy analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), and policy analysis tools to study disparities in urban residential energy dynamics focusing on the production and persistence of spatial, racial, and socioeconomic inequality. To watch an interview on how his research interests evolved, visit:

His is recipient of the Harvard School of Public Health, JPB Foundation Environmental Health Fellowhip 2018-2021.

Michael Reiner Research Assistant
Nicole Ryan Research Assistant

Nicole is interested in developing a more sustainable infrastructure for producing electricity, by optimizing the use of current generation assets and advancing alternative energy resources, with the goal of reducing emissions and waste. While obtaining her undergraduate degree Nicole participated in a co-op with Duke Energy for one year, where she gained experience in the operation and maintenance of coal fired power plants and natural gas combustion turbine combined cycle plants. After graduation she worked for Burns & McDonnell in their OnSite Energy and Power group creating dispatch models, feasibility studies and designs for combined heat and power plants. Nicole graduated from North Carolina State University in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Environmental Science.

Selim Sardag Research Assistant, Office Assistant

Selim is interested in addressing current environmental issues using engineering practices, with a focus on renewable energy integration and greenhouse gas emissions modeling. Selim completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University. During his undergraduate career, his research focused on evaluating wind and solar resource patterns and draught conditions, and characterizing emissions from biochar combustion cookstoves. He also worked as a manufacturing engineering intern at Turkish Airlines Technic. Outside of academics, Selim plays tennis and likes to travel to find new spots to bungee jump.

Chenyang Shuai Research Assistant

My research interest is the universal scaling law of national development.

Madeline Somers Research Assistant
Michael Stacey Research Assistant

Focus: Sustainable Systems / Policy and Planning / Housing and Economic Development

John Sullivan Research Specialist

materials, structures, vehicle safety, life cycle assessment, recycling, and sustainability

Weihua Sun Visiting Scholar

His field of expertise is environmental science and engineering, with specific interests on water science and technology. He also focuses on the broad fields of environment, sustainability and ecological civilization.

Kanchan Swaroop Merit Fellow

Kanchan is interested in exploring the multifaceted water and energy nexus and its relationship to broader social issues like urban sustainability and design, environmental justice, and public health.

Morteza Taiebat Research Assistant

Morteza is interested in assessing the energy and environmental implications of emerging transportation systems and investigating the policy mechanisms that would promote sustainable transport. His research is focused on the synergetic effects of vehicle automation, electrification, and integration with charging infrastructure.


Calli VanderWilde Research Assistant

Sustainable food systems, (Social) life cycle assessment, industrial ecology, ecosystem services, supply chain management

Shreyas Vangala Office Assistant

Energy systems efficiency, Carbon reduction strategies, Federal regulation compliance strategies for utilities, Renewable electricity, and Grid-scale storage

Sabrina Vivian Research Assistant
Allison Voglesong Merit Fellow
Abhijeet Walchale Research Assistant

Renewable Energy Integration and Energy Storage.

Chunyan Wang Research Fellow

water-energy nexus

Lydia Whitbeck Research Assistant

Renewable Energy, climate change adaptation, sustainable development, green buildings

Fantasia Williams Research Assistant
Emily Wolfe Research Assistant
Maxwell Woody Research Assistant

Max's research interests include the expansion of renewable energy systems in developing countries, and solar energy technologies.

Shu Wu Visiting Scholar

Shu's interests include residential energy transition, residential energy intensity, residential biomass energy consumption behavior, rural energy policy and agricultrual energy efficiency.

Catie Wytychak Office Assistant

Water Resource Management

Changqing Xu Visiting Scholar

Environmental planning and management, LID-BMP database establishment, Green and grey infrastructures coupling, life cycle assessment

Ming Xu Core Staff, Associate Professor

Dr. Xu develops and applies interdisciplinary system-based analytical tools to understand complex sustainability issues. This includes industrial ecology approaches (e.g., environmental input-output analysis, life cycle analysis, material flow analysis) and complex systems modeling methods (e.g., agent-based modeling, complex network analysis). Current focus of research includes "big data" mining and visualization, environmental implications of emerging bioenergy and clean vehicle technologies, and environmental impacts of international trade.

Bu Zhao Research Assistant

My research interests are in the general area of Data Science application in Environmental Systems. Specifically, my current interests are on computational modeling to predict the unknown life cycle inventory datasets and high-resolution urban air quality mapping.