“Focus on the Future” Automotive Research Conferences -- Inside China: Understanding Current and Future Trends in the Chinese Auto Industry

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Michigan League Ballroom
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UM Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

The 5th annual Inside China Automotive Conference will feature insights by manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, and UM experts on the current and future prospects for the automotive industry in China.  Our speakers will tackle joint venture manufacturer strategies from the foreign and domestic perspective, business practices, market updates, government direction, and a UM-China R&D Consortium on Clean Energy Vehicles.  These speakers will provide insights into the current and future direction of the industry based on their academic research, consulting experience, and work within the industry. 

Confirmed speakers include:
Bruce Belzowski, Assistant Research Scientist, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, will introduce the key issues and moderate the conference.

Keith Bradsher, New York Times Hong Kong Bureau Chief, will discuss with us the upcoming political transition and its potential effects on the Chinese auto industry. He will speak to us from Beijing on the night before the opening of the Party Congress.

Yi Lu, President, SAIC USA, will provide our keynote address and offer an overview of his company’s plans for the US, China, and the rest of the world. As China’s largest automotive company, SAIC plays an important role in China through its joint ventures with VW and GM. This will be Mr. Lu’s first presentation in the US since SAIC USA opened its new facility this year in Michigan.

Shawn Gayden, R&D Manager, General Motors China, will describe the challenges and opportunities of building GM’s global R&D centers, and her work developing GM China’s R&D center.

Yong Yang, Senior Economist, Asia-Pacific, Ford Motor Company, will provide his analysis of the challenges and opportunities in the Chinese auto industry. Mr. Yang provided a thorough analysis of the Indian auto industry for our Inside India conference, and we look forward to his remarks about the Chinese industry and Ford’s position in China.

Claire Wang, General Manager, SG Automotive Group, will discuss how her Chinese company made the move from China to the US, and some of the challenges and opportunities it faces as a global supplier.

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