Student Researchers

First Namesort descending Last Name Position Research Interests
Aaron Friedman-Heiman Research Assistant

Sustainable Food Systems, Organic Waste Recycling, Industrial Ecology, Urban Metabolism, Circular Economy

Adrienne Watts Research Assistant

Circular Economy and Industrial Ecology; Life Cycle Assessment; Sustainable Supply Chains & Sourcing; Design Innovation; Business and Sustainability

Aldo Girard UROP Student

Energy Poverty Index

Anna Ostrander Research Assistant

Carbon Neutrality, Negative Emission Technologies, CleanTech, Energy

Bu Zhao Research Assistant

My research interests are in the general area of Data Science application in Environmental Systems. Specifically, my current interests are on computational modeling to predict the unknown life cycle inventory datasets and high-resolution urban air quality mapping.

Calli VanderWilde Research Assistant

Sustainable food systems, (Social) life cycle assessment, industrial ecology, ecosystem services, supply chain management

Carissa Knox Research Assistant
Catherine Mullin Research Assistant
Chenyang Shuai Research Assistant

My research interest is the universal scaling law of national development.

Claire McKenna Research Assistant

Claire is a first year doctoral student studying the transition from fossil fuels to electricity generated by carbon-free sources in residential heating. She is interested in the impacts of this transition on vulnerable communities and the implications that scale adoption of electric heat pumps for residential heating will have on utility rate tariffs and ultimately on consumer utility costs. Claire's work employs social science and engineering science methods to support actionable climate action policy in the building sector and utility rate design to support safe and beneficial residential heating electrification. Before entering her doctoral studies, Claire worked as a sustainable building design engineer, where her expertise in building energy systems, including heating and cooling and distributed energy resources (DERs), contributed to major new construction projects in San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Boston, and New York City

Daehyun Ko Research Assistant
Erica Gardner Research Assistant

Microbiology, biogeochemistry, microplastics, bioremediation, water quality

Erin Seguin Research Assistant

Passionate about enabling sustainable business practices through strategic finance. Experienced automotive marketing and sales ops professional. More recent experience in GHG accounting for ag and manufacturing, corporate emissions reduction and mitigation, and tech startup growth strategy.

Grant Faber Research Assistant

Grant is interested in performing techno-economic assessments of carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies along with developing a more comprehensive framework for evaluating the costs of the various environmental impacts of these technologies. He is also interested in how complex systems modeling might be able to inform the deployment of carbon negative processes. Finally, he is intrigued by the ability of sustainable technologies, systems, and policies to reduce global catastrophic and existential risks.

Hannah Fetner Research Assistant

Food System Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment, Packaging Impacts and Alternatives

Hannah Paulson Research Assistant

Climate Justice, Government and Policy, Tropical Conservation Ecology, Marine Biology

Heeseung Kim Research Assistant

Passionate about impact investing to achieve the triple bottom line and make better consumer products. Expert skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis for compelling storytelling. Collaborative and self-driven for results that achieve impact.

Jacob Namovich Research Assistant

Circular Economy & Design, Carbon Neutrality, Environmental Justice

Jason Hawes Research Assistant

Urban resilience, sustainable food-energy-water infrastructure, socially-engaged design

Jesse Vega-Perkins Research Assistant

consumption-based accounting, life cycle assessment, environmental justice, climate change, industrial ecology

Jiaxi (Jacy) Li Research Assistant

Brownfield redevelopment, quantitative methods in the social sciences, environmental justice

Jinhu Li Research Assistant

Data Science, sustainable systems, Transportation/Mobility System, Life Cycle Assessment

Jocelyn Marchyok Research Assistant

Integration of renewable energy and storage systems into the electricity grid, sustainable energy system planning, and life cycle assessment

Julia Magee Research Assistant

Renewable energy technology design and grid integration, implementation and design of renewable microgrids in developing countries, sustainable development, energy systems planning

Kacey Eis Research Assistant

Urban sustainability, environmental justice, climate justice, tenant rights, climate change adaptation/resilience, environmental policy

Karl Hoesch Research Assistant

Karl researches energy justice at the intersection of energy, health and housing policy. He is especially interested in access to energy efficiency and renewable energy for low-income and multi-family households.

Krystal Krygowski Research Assistant
Luyi Huang Research Assistant

Sustainable Food Systems, Industrial Ecology, Sustainable Supply Chain

Madeline Miller Research Assistant
Marney Coleman Research Assistant

Sustainable Food Systems; Life Cycle Assessment; Sustainable Supply Chains & Sourcing

Max Vanatta Research Assistant

Energy System Modeling and Analysis, Renewable Energy, Storage, Energy Equity, Nuclear Energy, Energy Markets, Optimization

Mengqing Kan Research Assistant

Life Cycle Assessment, Waste Management, Circular Economy, Climate Economics

Mingyu Wang Research Assistant
Morteza Taiebat Research Assistant

Morteza a PhD candidate in Resource Policy and Behavior (SEAS) and Transportation Engineering (CEE) at the University of Michigan. He is affiliated with the Center for Sustainable Systems, working under the supervision of Ming Xu, Sam Stolper, and Henry Liu. His research broadly focuses on leveraging the emerging modes of transportation (i.e. automated, shared, & electric vehicles) to improve transportation system efficiency while reducing social inequality and environmental impacts. He utilizes data science techniques, economics, and optimization to investigate the mechanisms that promote sustainable transportation.


  • Connected & Automated Vehicles
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Transportation Economics
  • Data Science


Nate Hua Research Assistant

Nate's research involves material flow analysis for the supply chain of major automotive materials. Other research interests he'd like to pursue include sustainable energy infrastructure and sustainable business practice integration, particularly in the tourism industry.

Renhui Chen Research Assistant

I'm currently studying at the School for the Environment and Sustainability (SEAS), pursuing both Behavior, Education, Communication (BEC) track and Environmental Justice track (EJ) to address problems in mainstream conservation narratives and its impact on marginalized groups. I am also pursuing a degree in African Studies at College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA)'s International Institute to focus my attention on wildlife conservation in African countries and its relation to forestry policies influenced by the state, BINGOs, and other international organizations. Currently, I'm specifically interested in pangolin conservation/commercial wildlife hunting in Cameroon.

My current research goal is to complicate the current homogenous wildlife conservation narrative that takes the ease on blaming people of color and communities in the Global South as key actors in driving international wildlife trade. There are a lot more ways to help wildlife conservation other than the pervasive "demand reduction campaigns" and " law enforcement". If only we could reflect more upon the bias in mainstream conservation narratives and understand better of the power dynamics in the human dimension of conservation.

Rushabh Bohra Research Assistant

Energy Generation, Sustainable Energy Systems, Energy Storage Technologies (Batteries & Fuel Cells), Life Cycle Assessment, Energy Markets & Policies

Samuel Limerick Research Assistant

urban climate change adaptation/resilience, climate justice, urban agriculture, spatial analytic methods and visualization

Sanaz Chamanara Research Assistant

Sustainable Supply Chain Governance, Environmental Justice, Global Value Chain, Life Cycle Approach, Environmental Governance

Shagun Parekh Research Assistant

Grid Decarbonisation, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Negative Emissions Technologies, Energy Infrastructure Systems, Environmental Justice

Shashank Prakash Nair Research Assistant

Energy systems, Renewable Energy, Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS), Direct Air Capture, Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs), Energy Optimization Models, Building Energy

Stefania Almazan Casali Research Assistant

Stefania Almazán-Casali is an environmental social scientist. Her research focuses on understanding the interactions between human decision-making, power dynamics, and natural resource use. She follows a mixed-methods approach to provide insights on the key motivations and conditions guiding the distribution and governance of natural resources. Her approach combines surveys, behavioral experiments, and modelling tools such as agent-based models.

Stefania has international experience researching waste attitudes in Liberia, West Africa; water access in a small community  in the Peruvian Andes; and sustainable forest management in Eastern Europe. She is particularly interested in issues surrounding the collaborative management of water resources. Her upcoming research explores the effects of climate change perceptions on water allocation and investment decisions in a river-basin committee in South-East Brazil.

Stephanie Hefelfinger Research Assistant
Stephen Hilton Research Assistant

Nutrient recovery through urine separation, Life Cycle Assessment, Water Systems, Circular Economy

Stephen is working on assessing a new form of recycling: Pee-cycling. Instead of adding nutrient heavy urine to the wastewater treatment system and intensively treating the nitrogen and phosphorus as a waste, the project looks to create fertilizer with it instead. He is developing life cycle models to analyze the environmental trade-offs of this approach with the conventional wastewater treatment system.

Swathy Vidyadharan Research Assistant

She currently works for the Center for Sustainable Systems, doing research with Dr. Parth Vaishnav on autonomous EV trucking. Some of her other interests include carbon sequestration on a large scale, green cities, and clean energy for transportation.

Wanja Waweru Research Assistant

Urban resilience, environmental justice, remote sensing in climate change adaption

Xiao Guo Research Assistant

Energy flow cycle; Remote sensing image visualization; Hydrological cycle; Sustainable development; GIS mapping

Yabin Dong Research Assistant

Yabin is a PhD candidate in environmental science (SESA) joint with scientific computing (Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery & Engineering). Yabin is broadly interested in applying data science and machine learning techniques in the domain of environment, renewable energy, and electric vehicles.

Yixuan Feng Research Assistant

Sustainable Energy Systems; Energy Markets and Policies; Life Cycle Assessment; Circular Economy; Transportation/Mobility System

Yizhou Tian Research Assistant

Freight electrification and automation