Ralph T. Yang

Ralph Yang
Faculty Affiliate
College or Department name: 
Chemical Engineering
Office Location: 
3110 H.H. Dow 2300 Hayward St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2136
Research Interests: 

Nanostructured Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications:

New Adsorbents: for Air Separation, Natural Gas upgrading, CO2 Capture, “Direct Air Capture”, Biogas separation, Gas Storage (Hydrogen, Methane, etc.), Diffusion in Zeolites, and Cyclic Adsorption Processes (PSA and TSA)

Environmental Catalysis: New and improved catalysts for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NO with NH3 (NH3-SCR) and with H2 (H2-SCR), Low-temperature NH3-SCR.