Sara Ana Adlerstein Gonzalez

Sara Adlerstein Gonzalez
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School for Environment and Sustainability
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3010 Dana
Ph.D. School of Fisheries, 1992, University of Washington
M.S. School of Fisheries, 1986, University of Washington
M.S. Instituto de Biologia, 1973, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile
B.S. Instituto de Biologia, 1971, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile
Research Interests: 

My main interest in research is to understand ecological processes and population dynamics of aquatic organisms at the ecosystem level, in particular those aspects that are relevant to resource management. Recently I have been investigating spatial and temporal scales needed to study the spatial distribution of fish abundance and obtain indices of abundance of fish populations in marine and freshwater ecosystems. Since fish, as other aquatic organisms, cannot be directly observed large scale population studies must rely on analysis of data from scientific surveys or commercial operations. The analysis of this information requires specialized statistical modeling. Currently my focus is in the Great Lakes.         

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010
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Monday, August 31, 2015