Big Data and Industrial Ecology

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Many have witnessed the increasing popularity of “big data” in the past couple of years. Indeed, big data has been transforming how business is done in many industries. For example, online advertisements are increasingly customized for individual consumers based on their purchase history. Big data has also instigated many new areas of investigation, mostly in fields such as computer sciences and statistics. There are many areas in industrial ecology (IE) that can potentially benefit from big data. In this article, we try to explore what big data could bring to IE.

Research Areas: 
big data
collaborative data sharing
industrial ecology
information and communications technology (ICT)
input-output analysis (IOA)
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Journal Article
Journal of Industrial Ecology
Date Published: 
April 2015
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doi: 10.1111/jiec.12241
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Xu, Ming; Hua Cai, Sai Liang. (2015) “Big data and industrial ecology.” Journal of Industrial Ecology. 19(2): 205–210.
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