Green versus Blue Roofs: Efficient Rooftops

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Flat roofs represent a significant proportion of urban areas and perform a variety of functions, each of which is responsible for a corresponding variety of effects on the urban environment and its infrastructure. One of the most important functions is the collection anddischarge of rainwater, especially during storms that have substantial impacts on municipal sewer systems and receiving water bodies. Both green and blue roofs are effective ways to mitigate stormwater issues, while offering other benefits that depend on the characteristics of a building and its site.

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Journal Article
High Performing Buildings - Real Buildings, Real Data
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Summer 2019
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Hammond, Richard W., Geoffrey Lewis, and Sarah Elizabeth Wolfe. (2019) “Green versus Blue Roofs: Efficient Rooftops.” ASHRAE High Performing Buildings - Real Buildings, Real Data. p. 4-17.
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