Network-Level Pavement Asset Management System Integrated with Life-Cycle Analysis and Life-Cycle Optimization

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The authors have developed a new network-level pavement asset management system (PAMS) utilizing life cycle analysis and life cycle optimization methods. Integrated life cycle assessment and cost analysis expand the scope of the conventional network-level PAMS from raw material extraction to end-of-life management. To aid the decision-making process, the authors applied a life-cycle optimization model to determine the near-optimal preservation strategy for a pavement network. The authors utilized a geographic information system (GIS) model to enhance the network-level PAMS by collecting, managing, and visualizing pavement information data. The network-level pavement asset management system proposed in this paper allows decision makers to preserve a healthy pavement network and minimize life-cycle energy consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, or cost as a single objective, and also meet budget constraints and other agency constraints within an analysis period. A case study of a pavement network in Michigan compares the near-optimal preservation strategy to the Michigan DOT's current preservation practice. Compared with the current preservation plan, the optimal preservation strategy reduces life-cycle energy consumption, GHG emissions, and cost by 20, 24, and 10%, respectively. The authors also analyzed the impact of annual preservation budget cuts on total life-cycle cost.  A US$3 million annual preservation budget reduction (75% reduction of current annual budget) will significantly increase user cost (caused by congestion and pavement surface deterioration) by US$450 million for a 40-year analysis period.

Pavement asset management
Life cycle assessment
Life cycle cost analysis
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Journal Article
Journal of Infrastructure Systems
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March 2013
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Zhang, Han, Gregory A. Keoleian and Michael D. Lepech. (2013) “Network-Level Pavement Asset Management System Integrated with Life-Cycle Analysis and Life-Cycle Optimization.” Journal of Infrastructure Systems. 19(1): 99-107.
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