Visiting Scholars

First Name Last Namesort descending Position Research Interests
Rongrong Deng Visiting Scholar

environmental economics, ecological economics and sustainability development

Tiantian Feng Visiting Scholar

Carbon emissions trading, Electricity market, Renewable Energy

Chengkang Gao Visiting Scholar

Environmental load of the region and metals industry

Industrial Ecology - simulation and analyses of energy-saving and water-saving in enterprises, economic growth and environmental load, materials flow analysis, ecological footprint analysis.

Yuhua Guo Visiting Scholar

Substance flow analysis of zinc in steel industry and utilization of zinc-bearing dust and sludge. Utilization of mineral resource as well as energy saving and emission reduction. Green manufacturing and circular economy in steel industry.

Chulong Huang Visiting Scholar

Sustainability Assessment of Resource Use at Interfaces of the Socio-Economic-Environmental System

Todd Levin Visiting Scholar, Co-Author

Dr. Todd Levin is an Energy Systems Engineer in the Center for Energy, Environmental and Economic Systems Analysis at Argonne National Laboratory.  His research interests focus on utilizing advanced optimization and simulation methodologies to model complex interactions in electricity markets and quantify the implications of domestic energy policies and regulations. As Deputy Lead of Argonne’s Building Energy Decision and Technology Research Program he also manages a range of programs that seek to increase the efficiency of building energy consumption.  He additionally maintains a strong interest in international energy development, examining optimal centralized and decentralized rural electrification strategies as well as a range of global energy and water security issues.

Yuantao Yang Visiting Scholar

Energy economics and environmental management, environmental input-output modeling and application, carbon emission

Guohua Yang Visiting Scholar

Environmental economics and management

Jiangxue Zhang Visiting Scholar

Economics of Resources and Environment