Visiting Scholars

First Name Last Namesort descending Position Research Interests
Yuhua Guo Visiting Scholar

Substance flow analysis of zinc in steel industry and utilization of zinc-bearing dust and sludge. Utilization of mineral resource as well as energy saving and emission reduction. Green manufacturing and circular economy in steel industry.

Guanwen Hu Visiting Scholar
Kai Huang Visiting Scholar

Kai Huang is an associate professor in the College of Environmental Science & Engineering, Beijing Forestry University (BJFU), China. His field of expertise is environment management and environmental policy, with specific interests on environmental footprinting and industrial ecology. At BJFU, he is a core faculty member in the College of Environmental Science & Engineering and Beijing Key Laboratory for Source Control Technology of Water Pollution. He has devoted to the interdiscipline research of environmental management for nearly ten years.

Weihua Sun Visiting Scholar

Wastewater Treatment

Shu Wu Visiting Scholar

Shu's interests include residential energy transition, residential energy intensity, residential biomass energy consumption behavior, rural energy policy and agricultrual energy efficiency.

Changqing Xu Visiting Scholar

Environmental planning and management, LID-BMP database establishment, Green and grey infrastructures coupling, life cycle assessment

Yuantao Yang Visiting Scholar

Energy economics and environmental management, environmental input-output modeling and application, carbon emission

Yajuan Yu Visiting Scholar

Yajuan Yu is an Associate Professor in the School of Materials Science & Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), China. Her research focuses on the broad fields of environmental protection and sustainable development, with specific interests on Life Cycle Assessment of green materials, and environmental regulation and assessment. At BIT, she is a core faculty member in the research center for green energy resources and sustainable development. She has devoted to the interdiscipline research of green materials and environmental protection for nearly ten years.