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Conner O'Brien


Merit Fellow

  • M.S. Sustainable Systems, University of Michigan (expected 2021)
  • M.Eng. Energy Systems Engineering, University of Michigan, 2021 (expected)
  • B.A. Ethnology, University of New Mexico, 2013
Research Interests

Conner is currently pursuing a dual M.S./M.Eng. in Sustainable Systems and Energy Systems Engineering. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Ethnology from the University of New Mexico in 2013. His passion for sustainability and renewable energy was inspired by his childhood in Taos, NM where he grew up in an off-grid, solar powered strawbale home. After working in the financial industry for nearly 4 years, Conner decided to pursue his passion and enrolled in the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan. He is interested in renewable energy generation and storage technologies, renewable energy grid integration, and sustainable refurbishment. Apart from renewable energy, Conner enjoys hiking, camping, watching and playing soccer, and spending time with his family.