Assessment of the Nature and Frequency of EPA's Activities in Pollution Prevention, End-of-Pipe Treatment, and Remediation

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This report consolidates information available on U.S. EPA's website and describes Agency activities in pollution prevention, end-of-pipe treatment, and remediation.  The report provides details regarding the frequency and nature of Agency activities in these three areas.  Major activities common to the three program areas include public education; financial assistance through trust funds and grants; partnerships, consortia and collaboration; incentive-based policies that encourage voluntary activity and introduce flexibility; regulatory oversight; regulatory compliance assistance; training; technical assistance; resources, such as software and databases; and publications.

Overall, pollution prevention activities appear to be more abundant throughout the Agency than end-of-pipe treatment or remediation activities. However, the pollution prevention activities tend to be less detailed, pursue broader goals, and apply to a more diverse audience than the end-of-pipe treatment and remediation activities.  The pollution prevention materials more frequently target broad audiences with varied stakes in pollution prevention.  Although the end-of-pipe treatment and remediation activities provide information for the general public, much of the activities focus on waste treatment and remediation professionals, industry and implementing agencies.   The following charts provide a rough estimate of the frequency of Agency activities in each category for pollution prevention, end-of-pipe treatment and remediation.  The numbers do not provide precise comparisons of the three program areas, given the varying goals and scope of the programs.  Rather, the numbers offer a general overview of the quantity of Agency activities.  It should be noted that some Agency activities qualified for more than one category.  The tally does not, however, reflect the scope or breadth of each activity.  Rather, the rest of the report offers more detailed information that characterizes the nature of these activities.

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Cardamone, K. 2001. Assessment of the Nature and Frequency of EPA's Activities in Pollution Prevention, End-of-Pipe Treatment, and Remediation. The University of Michigan: Ann Arbor.
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