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Energy Consumption in a Changing Climate: Patterns, Drivers, and Feedbacks

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December 12, 2023

In response to a warming climate, emphasis has been placed on adjusting human behavior and technologies to help meet climate mitigation goals. However, decreasing the emissions associated with energy consumption is complicated as global (e.g., climate change, population growth, migration) and local stressors (e.g., extreme events, urban heat islands, air pollution, freshwater scarcity) coupled with higher standards of living can drive increases in energy demand. While some options to adapt to these stressors offer synergistic benefits for climate, energy, and public health, many have the potential to exacerbate climate change, decrease energy system reliability, and increase existing energy inequities. In this session we are calling for interdisciplinary analyses that inform the coordination of climate adaptation and mitigation strategies across the energy-climate nexus. We particularly encourage research focused on the demand-side of energy systems and the socioeconomic factors, public policies, urban systems, and climatic factors that influence human energy consumption.

Kelly Sanders
Emily Grubert
McKenna Peplinski
Research Areas
Energy Systems

Energy Consumption, Stressors, Climate Change, Climate Adaption and Mitigation

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Conference Proceeding
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Sanders, Kelly, et al. "Energy Consumption in a Changing Climate: Patterns, Drivers, and Feedbacks I Oral." AGU23. AGU, 2023.