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A regional spatial planning model for multifunctional green infrastructure

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July 25, 2021

There is a growing interest in planning for green infrastructure, as well as a growing recognition of the multifunctional nature of green infrastructure, since it provides many social and environmental benefits to cities and regions. However, there is a lack of appropriate methods for prioritizing the locations for green infrastructure interventions. In response, this article proposes a spatial multi-criteria analysis for green infrastructure. We demonstrate the method at the regional scale for Southeast Michigan, as well as through two embedded case studies within this region. We show how the method can be adapted for rural parks and conservation planning, as well as for urban green infrastructure planning within the City of Detroit. Although lacking the analytical structure needed for some planning questions, and limited by data and access to appropriate technical skills, we argue the spatial planning approach strikes an appropriate balance between technical rigor and transparency required for collaborative planning practice. The described GIS-based analysis technique can be used as part of a planning process to identify locations for green infrastructure expansion or improvement in a way that acknowledges and balances their social and environmental benefits.

Ruoshui Liu
Camilla Lizundia
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Urban Systems and Built Environment
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Journal Article
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Goodspeed, R., Liu, R., Gounaridis, D., Lizundia, C., & Newell, J. (2022). A regional spatial planning model for multifunctional green infrastructure. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 49(3), 815-833. CSS21-60