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Technoeconomic analysis of small modular reactors decarbonizing industrial process heat [Correction]

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February 21, 2024

In the originally published version of this article, an error arose from incorrectly summing thermal demand in each temperature band and filtering for fuel type due to a bug in the code used by the authors. As a result, the authors miscalculated the amount of thermal demand at a subset of existing facilities in their regions that small modular reactors (SMRs) could decarbonize. Specifically, the authors miscalculated thermal demand at 4% of SMR-viable evaluated industrial processes (13 of 292 SMR-viable processes within the 357 total processes) and omitted an additional 21% of processes (60 SMR-viable processes). Their numerical results change only marginally, as SMRs are technoeconomically viable at a portion of this omitted demand. For instance, in ERCOT with a 12% increase in available thermal demand, there is a 14% increase in SMR viable processes, 11% increase in viable modules, and 11% increase in SMR capacity (Table 1). The most opportune industries for early adoption, SMR design alignment with certain temperatures and market contexts, and impact of market participation that they highlight in the discussion among the other points remain the same. The authors apologize for any confusion. The original article, Figures 2–6, and Tables 1 and 2 have been corrected online with the updated data.

Deep Patel
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Max Vanatta, Deep Patel, Todd Allen, Daniel Cooper, Michael T. Craig, Technoeconomic analysis of small modular reactors decarbonizing industrial process heat, Joule, Volume 8, Issue 2, 2024, Pages 542-552. CSS24-09