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Climate Change on Global Food System: Strategy to Feed 9 Billion People


Increasing population, modernized diet, and climate change will impose various pressures on global food systems - from agricultural production to nutrition consumption - for the next decades. On the one hand, global food consumption has almost tripled between 1961 and 2009, and if such trend continues, the global demand for food will require increased production to meet this trend. On the other hand, climate change may have already affected production and potentially will undermine food systems' ability to meet those demands. By 2050, a year in which global population is likely to reach 9 billion people, the dynamics between population, diet, and climate change will amplify their effects on global food systems more directly. This thesis investigates the gaps between future demands and supplies of food, and identifies strategies to fulfill diet preference of future global population.

University of Michigan - School of Natural Resources & Environment
Research Areas
Food & Agriculture