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Energy Research Internship Partnership 2018-19


The Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI) is a non-profit dedicated to furthering the understanding of Earth systems and global environmental change research in service of society. The mission of the Energy Project is to identify technologies and policies that work to accelerate a transition to low carbon energy futures.

A central aspect to this project is furthering the AGCI Energy Table, an online, interactive educational resource and reference to the clean energy transition challenge. The AGCI Energy Table was launched in beta form as a public resource on AGCI’s website in 2015, and since then AGCI has been partnering with the Xu Lab at U Michigan to improve and promote this unique and valuable reference. The Energy Table provides highly comprehensive information about all major energy sources and storage technologies in use. All information provided in the Energy Table is readily cited, with hyperlinks to reference material. The Energy Table serves as a comprehensive resource for a diverse array of interested users – from researchers, to teachers, to students. It also acts as the backbone for data underlying AGCI’s Getting Near Zero Energy Tool, an interactive educational resource which allows users to create their own global energy portfolios. Due to rapid advances in energy technology and markets, it’s imperative the information provided in the AGCI Energy Table stay current and usable. 

Key responsibilities of the AGCI Energy Research Fellow are:
• Conducting detailed research on the most recent energy resource statistics and market indicators
• Citing data sources to advance the understanding of energy in its role to address climate change
• Compiling information about advancements in energy generation and storage technologies

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