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M-CUBED: Influence of global trade on the human health impacts of particulate matter


Particulate Matter (PM) is related to cardiopulmonary mortality, leading to a high annual burden of disease of around one million premature deaths, 65% in Asia. Identifying causes and remedies needs to be done globally: Trade distances the consumer from its negative health impacts and displaces them on to other populations. PM atmospheric transport further spreads it. There is a need to quantify the PM impacts of consumed goods, accounting for international trade and studying the shift in PM impacts from developed countries to developing economies. We therefore aim to develop a model that covers the whole continuum of consumption-production-particulate emission-fate&exposure-impact, combining at a global scale an environmentally extended multi-regional economic Input-Output analysis with a multi-regional assessment of pollutant fate, exposure and human health impacts. The approach will incorporate PM effect on workers by combining number of hours worked form the regional I/O with potential ambient concentrations at workplace.

University of Michigan - Office of Vice President for Research
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