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Project Location: Tainan, Taiwan.

Goals & Objectives:
To compare the LCA, by ISO standards, of our Stone Paper material to that of paper and plastics.

Justification, Benefit, or Significance:
Stone paper has always been stressed by our eco-friendly aspects (no water, less electricity, less CO2 output, less pollution), with LCA we hope to be able to provide documentation of our eco-friendliness to our customers. Stone paper is a mix between paper and plastic, with properties such as writable, foldable, soft to the touch and water resistant, grease resistant, and mold resistant as well. Our product requires no tree pulp, so we are not within the criteria for FSC. However, it is important that the public know how well stone paper will fare against pulp paper and plastics based on the same measuring standard.

Activities & Duration:
We are looking to use the standard ISO process to calculate the LCA. Students will be able to work with our sales department and have opportunities to explore our production process and materials. The scale should be well within the abilities of SNRE students. The students should be able to tap into other databases to gather the LCA of different paper and plastic materials for comparison.

Integrative Approach:
The LCA report will be used in our promotional and sales campaigns with multinational companies, so the legitimacy of the data present will be important. We will present as much data as we can, however, if some data is out of our reach, the SNRE team would need to do proper database mining to achieve the most accurate data from a secondary source.

Expected Deliverables: LCA report comparing Stone Paper to paper and plastic

Implementation: The LCA reports will be shared with major multinational companies throughout the promotion and marketing of stone paper to support our claims in stone paper being eco-friendly.

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