Capstone Presentation: Meijer Renewable Energy Strategy

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Anson Chang, Geoffrey Murray and Xiaodan Zhou
Friday, April 13, 2018 - 11:55am to 12:20pm
Dana 1040

Meijer is seeking opportunities to decrease its fossil fuel based electricity consumption. The SEAS MS project team worked to identify and evaluate opportunities to expand Meijer's renewable energy portfolio by understanding the current state of energy consumption, benchmarking Meijer with their competition, and developing a tailored renewable energy strategy to meet Meijer's sustainability goals.

The scope of this project included 1) understanding the baseline of Meijer's electricity consumption, 2) evaluating on-site generation opportunities, 3) evaluating off-site generation opportunities, 4) developing a pre-development guide tool to be used to analyze specific projects before making investments into project development.

Results: 1) a per year prioritization list that considered the economic benefit of potential projects at every store site given annual budgetary constraints and project NPVs, 2) an analysis of off-site Power Purchase Agreement opportunities, 3) a comprehensive renewable energy strategy for on-site and off-site renewable energy generation, 4) an excel based pre-development guide to further analyze specific projects.

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