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Clean Energy Conversation #6 - Infrastructure Transformation and Equity in the Transportation Sector

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Shelie Miller, Andre Boehman & Sarah Mills
School for Environment and Sustainability
May 4, 202112:00pm - 10:00pm

Andre Boehman (College of Engineering) and Shelie Miller (SEAS) will share their perspectives on technical, environmental, policy, and equity considerations of infrastructure transformation in the transportation sector, lightly moderated by Sarah Mills (Graham Institute/Ford School) to facilitate open discussion among all attendees.

We want you to be part of this lively and informal conversation, so grab your lunch and join us from your laptop or phone!

The Clean Energy Conversations series is designed to catalyze future research activities by identifying both gaps in knowledge and areas of cross-campus expertise ripe for proposals, applied research, and learning opportunities.


At this session, we'll explore the technical, policy, and equity considerations on infrastructure transformation in the transportation sector. The conversation will be lightly moderated to facilitate open discussion among speakers and attendees. Questions to discuss include:

What are the opportunities and challenges to integrating new technology, from alternative fuels to electric vehicles, with existing infrastructure?
What are the impacts of various technologies?
What are the equity implications of this transition?