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Plant-Based Climate Summit

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Dr. Marty Heller
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
April 1, 202111:30am - 2:00pm

Join world-renowned experts at the free Plant-Based Climate Summit to hear about how plant-based foods help fight climate change and improve the environment.

Evidence shows that shifting away from animal agriculture and promoting a plant-based diet can help fight the global climate crisis and promote good health! On April 1, leading scientists, climate change experts, and plant-powered advocates are joining together for the free, virtual Plant-Based Climate Summit. Program host Neal Barnard, MD, will introduce the impact of animal agriculture on human health and the environment, while special guest speakers will address the effects of diet on greenhouse gas emissions, water and air pollution, land use, infectious diseases, and more, while providing practical tips and resources that will help you get started on a planet-friendly diet!

Free registration includes expert presentations on plant-based diets and climate change, live Q&A with speakers, practical tips and cooking demonstrations that will help you get started on a climate-friendly plant-based diet, and bonus recipes and resources!

Speakers include:

Neal Barnard, MD, FACC, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Introduction and Welcome
Michael Greger, MD, NutritionFacts.Org: From Where Do Emerging Diseases Emerge?
Jenné Claiborne, Sweet Potato Soul: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Diet More Sustainable
Leslie A. Duram, PhD, Southern Illinois University: Climate Change 101: Plant-Based Eating for Individual Action
Naeema Muhammad, North Carolina Environmental Justice Network: The Impact of Hog Farms on North Carolina Communities
Chef Lois Ellen Frank, PhD, Red Mesa Cuisine, LLC: Sustainability Through Traditional Native Food and Practices
Joanne Kong, DMA, University of Richmond: How a Greener Diet Can Transform You and the Planet
Emma Finn, Friends of the Earth: Greening School Food
Ocean Robbins, The Food Revolution Network: Heal Your Body & Your World—With Food!
Maggie Neola, RD, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Climate-Friendly Recipe Demonstration
Martin Heller, PhD, University of Michigan: The Environmental Impacts of Dietary Choices