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Evaluating Environmental Performance: A Case Study in the Flat-Panel Display Industry

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May 1, 1995

Researchers at the University of Michigan applied their life cycle design framework in a research project with Optical Imaging Systems (OIS). OIS is a US manufacturer of high-performance, active-matrix liquid crystal displays, one of the leading flat panel display technologies. The study evaluated OIS's environmental management system and how environmental performance may impact competition in the flat panel display industry. Metrics were developed to measure environmental performance in a factory simulation model. Strategies for improvement are recommended according to incremental, reengineering, and future approaches.

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Food Systems and Consumer Products
Consumer Products & Packaging


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Koch, Jon and Gregory A. Keoleian. (1995) "Evaluating Environmental Performance: A Case Study in the Flat-Panel Display Industry." Proceedings from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers International Symposium on Electronics & the Environment (May 1-3).