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An Open Access Environmentally Extended Input-Output Database for China

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July 8, 2015

Environmentally extended input-output (EEIO) database is increasingly used in studying environmental issues in China. Many repeated efforts have been done to construct EEIO databases for China which are not often consistent with each other. We build a consistant EEIO database for China covering a wide range of years, sector classifications, and environmental pressures. We make it publically available with open access for broad dissemination.

Our Chinese EEIO database covers multiple years (currently including 1992, 1997, 2002, and 2007) in which benchmark input-output (IO) tables are available. Its environmental accounts include 31 types of resources and pollutants.

This database has six advantages. First, this database is publicly available with open access, which helps avoid repeated efforts of database construction. Second, this database is constructed based on published data from China’s statistics and widely used estimation methods from peer-reviewed articles, which makes the system boundary of this database consistent for multiple years and with previous studies. Third, this database covers most resources and pollutants previously. Fourth, this database provides data in different sector classifications (i. e., the original sector classifications in the government’s benchmark inputoutput tables, a 45-sector classification commonly used in China’s environmental and energy statistics, and a 91-sector classification with temporal consistence and maximized sector resolution), offering different options for users. Fifth, our database covers environmental impacts of households in addition to industries, allowing closed input-output modeling. Last but not least, the database will be accessed in either bulk downloads as Excel files and web-based queries.

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Energy Systems
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Feng, Tiantian, Sai Liang, and Ming Xu. (2015) “An Open Access Environmentally Extended Input-Output Database for China.” Proceedings of 8th International Society for Industrial Ecology Biennial Conference. University of Surrey, United Kingdom. Abstract 1320: p.342.