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Sustainability Assessment and Design Recommendations for Meijer Store of Tomorrow

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April 21. 2020

This project focused on identifying carbon emission abatement strategies for Meijer, specifically addressing lighting, space cooling and heating, and refrigeration, which constitute Meijer’s largest demand sectors. Additionally, the project evaluated strategies to reduce water consumption, waste generation and promote customer education of sustainable practices. The project was organized into three phases. In phase I, a comprehensive assessment of sustainable design and technology elements was conducted, which included a review of sustainability initiatives by other retail competitors. During Phase II, solutions were synthesized and reviewed in consultation with Meijer sustainability and design experts. Technological solutions were categorized into five store systems: energy, water and plumbing, sustainable sites, materials and resources, and customer experience elements. A rubric was then created to systematically evaluate strategies for the Market Format and Supercenter Meijer retail stores. Phase III included a detailed environmental and design analysis using the scoring rubric and supporting literature to identify the set of strategies that best reflect Meijer’s priorities. This report details the findings of this research and the portfolio of strategies that would help Meijer create the net zero energy, zero waste, and water efficient Store of Tomorrow prototype.

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Food Systems and Consumer Products
Consumer Products & Packaging

green building, grocery, technology assessment

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Master's Thesis
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Ballor, Elizabeth, Xinxin Cao, Lisa Dinon, Gautham Karthikeyan, Haowen Zhou. (2020) “Sustainability Assessment and Design Recommendations for Meijer Store of Tomorrow.” Master’s Project, University of Michigan: Ann Arbor: 1-55.