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The Ultimate Challenge: Developing an Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Vehicles

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September 2000

The creation of an ultimate alternative-fuel vehicle has been a persistent dream of environmental groups, enthusiastic individuals, and businesses. Today, with the accelerated evolution of fuel cell technology, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) may prove to be that long-sought alternative. Automotive manufacturers and the media have described fuel cell cars as the most advanced of all alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs), promising the elimination of local emissions and reduced U.S. dependence on foreign oil through high fuel economies, while achieving the performance level and safety of today's vehicles. Fuel cell vehicles are on the verge of ripening into mature technologies within the next decade or two. If they are fueled with an appropriate fuel, these vehicles could prove to be the ultimate alternative to conventional vehicles, offering modern civilization a tremendous opportunity in energy conservation and pollution prevention.

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Mobility Systems
Automobiles, fuel cell vehicles (FCV)
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Jensen, Marc W. and M. Ross. 2000. The Ultimate Challenge: Developing an Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Vehicles. Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development 42(7): 10-22.