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An Analysis of Offshore Wind Development: A Non-Market, Stated Preference Approach to Estimate Impact and WTP in Three Lake Michigan Regions


This was a Master's Project to understand community perceptions regarding offshore wind energy development in Lake Michigan in Evanston, Illinois and Mason/Oceana Counties, Michigan.


(1) Test residents’ decision-making processes to vote ‘for’ or ‘against’ hypothetical, offshore wind farm scenarios at varying distances via a contingent valuation method (CVM) survey

(2) Analyze information sources, demographic characteristics, and opinion variables that could explain local opposition/support for current offshore wind farm development and the CVM votes

(3) Estimate the non-market value of the viewshed impact through a stated preference, willingness to pay (SP WTP)


  • W. Michigan: had much more solidified opinions
  • Evanston: feels electricity rates, job creation and air quality would improve
  • W. Michigan: similar opinions but to lesser extent
  • Evanston:
    • Men more likely to oppose the CVM scenario
    • ‘High’ income family very likely to support scenario
Citizens for a Greener Evanston
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