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The Carbon Environmental Performance of The FibARM® Structural Strengthening System



The Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan will conduct a research project to quantify the environmental performance of the FibARM® Structural Strengthening System, a fiber tape and epoxy composite product used to repair and reinforce degraded building and civil infrastructure projects, for Dow Chemical Company in partnership with Composite Holding Company.  Specifically, the project will seek to understand the potential to reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions relative to other conventional methods for refurbishing these assets.


Research Details


The research project will estimate potential GHG savings, if any, from the use of the product instead of conventional repair methods.  The UM team will model these saving based on literature reviews, LCI data sets, and client provided data.  The team will then detail any additional data requirements that would be necessary to convert the project estimate into verifiable secondary carbon benefits.

Dow Chemical Company
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