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Compendia Project


Between 1994 and 1998, the National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education (NPPC) published college-level curricula in 16 academic disciplines, as shown in the Table of Contents.  In 1999, the NPPC evolved into the Center for Sustainable Systems.  The Center's focus is now research, so in addition to the curricula which is still available, research publications are continually being made available, as well. 


Introductory Materials

The NPPC published two introductory pieces, Overview of Environmental Problems and Pollution Prevention Concepts and Principles.  Each set of discipline-specific materials also includes an introduction describing relevant applications of pollution prevention.

Resource Lists

For each discipline, we published an extensive bibliography of educational tools and reference materials:  books, reports, articles, government documents and curricula.  Also listed are relevant organizations and selected faculty active in pollution prevention education.

Annotated Bibliographies

Organized alphabetically, these bibliographies describe some or all of the materials cited in the Resource Lists.


We distribute two videos for use in the classroom.  One complements the McDonald's case study; the other, Amoco and the US EPA, may be used alone.

Selected Readings

These journal reprints provide background information for faculty; many are appropriate for distribution to students. 


Professors nationwide provide their course syllabi as examples for colleagues who wish to teach about sustainability.  Strategies include discussing it during a single class session, integrating it throughout a course, and developing a course specifically about it.

Student Assignments

Within most disciplines, we've published at least one case study; in certain areas, we've also published homework, exam and open-ended problems, which vary in scope from a half-hour exam question (see Accounting) to an extensive design project (see Chemical Engineering).  These student assignments include teaching notes for the instructor and suggested responses to discussion or exam questions.

Mott Foundation
United States Environmental Protection Agency - Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics
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Framework, Methods & Tools
Urban Systems and Built Environment