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Directory of Pollution Prevention in Higher Education: Faculty and Program


In 1997, the National Pollution Prevention Center updated the 1994 edition of the Directory of Pollution Prevention in Higher Education:  Faculty and Programs to list 402 pollution prevention educators. The Directory describes activities of people currently involved in integrating pollution prevention concepts into curricula; includes extensive contact information and appendices.

The first edition of the Directory, published in 1992, was prepared by Nandkumar Bakshani, Ph.D., of the University of California - Los Angeles, and David Allen, Ph.D., now at the University of Texas - Austin.  It was updated in 1994 by Joanne Goodwin and Pamela Bloch of the University of Michigan.  Each time the number of entries doubled.

National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education
University of California Los Angeles - School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Ford Motor Company
Mott Foundation
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Research Areas
Framework, Methods & Tools
Urban Systems and Built Environment