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Further Analysis of Energy Security from Clean Energy Technologies


The over-all objective of this research is to determine the future potential of PV technology in generating electricity in the U.S, by integrating energy, environmental and economic facets of the technology. PV will likely get a significant commercialization push from the many states in the U.S. that are adopting renewable energy portfolio standards.

The expected progress on improving the cost and performance of current technologies: amorphous-silicon and multi-crystalline PV modules will be assessed. Anticipated technological advances include reducing manufacturing costs, increasing conversion efficiency, increasing system lifetime, and the use of solar tracking systems. Information for assessing the technology potential for each of the categories will be obtained from published literature and government reports.

The second part of the study involves examining issues associated with integrating PV electricity to the grid, including real time pricing of electricity and electricity storage in PHEV battery packs.

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