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Life Cycle Assessment Water Bottles


Develop LCI data for water and wastewater treatment systems, including municipal systems in Oregon. This task includes researching the environmental burdens associated with municipal drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment. Such data may be available only on the national level, but should be representative of Oregon processes when possible.  Conduct research on water systems and packaging systems. This task includes researching the environmental burdens of water bottlers (including data on different purification processes employed by water bottlers), the determination of the types of materials used to produce containers, and the weights of materials used by containers and associated packaging.  Participate in data analysis and interpretation of results. This task includes running various scenarios in the LCI model and organizing the results of each scenario. (Depending on the parameters that appear to affect the baseline scenarios, there could be up to 48 total scenarios.)

Franklin Associates Ltd.
Research Areas
Urban Systems and Built Environment
Water Resources