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Life Cycle Modeling and Improvement of United Technologies PureCell - 200 Power System


The overall objective of this project is to analyze the energy and environmental performance of the PureCell - 200 Power System using life cycle assessment (LCA).  LCA is an analytical technique for assessing the potential environmental burdens and impacts associated with a product system from the generation of the raw materials to the ultimate management of material remaining at the end-of-life.  LCA provides metrics that can be used to measure progress toward environmental sustainability.

The project will also provide research training for Jaap van Rooijen who is an MSc student in the Industrial Ecology program in the Netherlands. The program involves a co-operation of three universities: Leiden University, responsible for the natural science input, Delft University of Technology, responsible for the technical science input, and Erasmus University of Rotterdam, responsible for the social science input.  The research conducted in this project will result in a written Master's thesis.

The specific objectives for the LCA research include:

1.    Conduct a life cycle assessment of the current UTC PureCell - 200 Power System design and identify opportunities for improvement.
2.    Evaluate strategies for enhancing the sustainability performance of the PureCell - 200 Power System using LCA.

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