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MASTER'S PROJECT: Bringing Renewable Energy to Camp Michigania: An Assessment and Educational Plan for Implementing Renewable Energy Strategies


Camp Michigania, owned and operated by the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan since 1962, is a 420 acre facility on 1.5 miles of shore on Walloon Lake.  Our mission, "To provide University of Michigan Alumni Association members and their families a unique setting for educational and recreational experiences, promoting connections among current and future alumni with the University and each other," is what drives our decision making.  We have an opportunity and an obligation to set an example for our 4500+ campers that utilize our facility throughout the summer and move toward an environmentally sustainable facility, while helping them understand what we have done and what they can do in their own homes and communities. 

The Masters students would help create and implement a renewable energy plan, including but not limited to the following goals and objectives:

  • Determine energy saving measures for the existing site, decreasing overall usage.
  • Determine camper views toward renewable energy and how they would react to an installation at camp.
  • Determine optimum renewable energy solution, and create implantation plan, including type, location, size, cost, ROI, etc.
  • Create educational materials for our Nature Program, sharing with adults and children how we're creating an environmental consciousness at Michigania, and how they can take this with them and continue to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Also create on site education experience to better understand the potential and drawbacks of renewable energy.
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