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MASTER'S PROJECT: The Meijer Environmental Footprint and Sustainability Plan


Goals & Objectives:
The purpose of this project is to develop the environmental sustainability plan for Meijer, Inc., a growing multi-billion dollar retailer with over 200 stores, five distribution centers, and six food manufacturing plants.  The first objective of the project is to characterize the Meijer environmental footprint.  The second objective is to develop an environmental policy and sustainability strategy to identify meaningful environmental performance targets and action plans.  The final objective is to create a narrative story that integrates Meijer employees and customers.

Justification, Benefits, or Significance: 
Meijer values of "customers, competition, family, freshness, and safety & heath" align with improving its environmental sustainability.  A comprehensive understanding of the Meijer environmental footprint is needed to identify the most significant environmental impacts associated with Meijer operations.  Meijer wishes to use its resources effectively by prioritizing sustainability initiatives to areas of greatest need.  The students may uncover new linkages within Meijer retail, distribution, merchandising, and manufacturing operations that can be leveraged to reduce Meijer's environmental impact.

Meijer, Inc.
Research Areas
Consumer Products & Packaging