NPPC launched to lead P2 education

  • National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education (NPPC), established in 1991 by competitive grant from US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Developed and disseminated P2 education resources nationally
  • Click here to watch the NPPC Overview video [11:51 minutes].

University Record_1991-10-01 National Pollution Prevention Center established

Announcement of NPPC grant by US EPA at the Michigan League, 1991


Creation of Sustainable Systems concept NPPC --> CSS

  • In 1997, coined the term “sustainable systems”
  • In 1999, transitioned to the Center for Sustainable Systems


Sustainability Framework: Drivers for Transforming Systems
Levers for enhancing sustainability of systems


CSS logo with hidden images


Original you see the seven design elements embedded in this image?
Person caring for the Earth | Person reading a book | A river flowing (also the book) | Mountains (also an “M” for Michigan)
Two pine trees (under the mountains) | Sun or the Moon (rising above the mountains) | Cycling of resources


Innovative interdisciplinary sustainability education

Engineering Sustainable Systems chart of specializations
Initial dual degree specializations between Engineering and SEAS

Ongoing pioneer of Systems Analysis tools & applications

CSS 30 years logo